SynTerra — Our name defines our purpose.

The name SynTerra is made up of two parts, synergy and terra. Synergy represents what happens when we work with clients — the combined effect is greater than the sum of its parts. Terra represents the earth and the obligation we have to be stewards of a healthy environment.

Together, these words define our purpose. They also drive us to help you:

  • Meet your objectives in a cost-effective way.
  • Holistically improve your business.
  • Comply with environmental laws, rules, and regulations.


Stephen Precourt, P.E.

Steve Precourt, P.E.



Kathy Webb, P.G.

Vice President, Sciences


Ruth Albright, P.E.

Vice President, Engineering


Steve Gardner, P.E., SME-RM

Vice President, Special Projects


Vick Crowley

Chief Financial Officer


Judd Mahan, P.G.

Director of Science Operations


Josh Fowler, P.E.

Director of Client Relations

Linda Erwin, SHRM-CP, PHR

Director of Human Resources

Mark Taylor, P.G.



Senior Leaders

Jerry Wylie, P.G.

Sciences Program Manager


Todd Plating, P.G.

Sciences Program Manager


Bill Husk, CHMM

Environmental Services Program Director


Douglas Mynear, P.E., CPESC, LEED AP

Site Development Engineering Group Leader


C.W. “Mike” Hutchinson Jr., P.E.

Civil Engineering Group Leader


Andrea Kehn, P.E.

Process and Compliance Group Leader


Andy Willis, P.E.

Mining Engineering Group Leader


Matt Huddleston, Ph.D.

Natural Resources Program Director

Market Leaders

Daniel Warrick, P.E.

Civil Engineering Market Leader

Chris Ericksen, P.E.

Water and Wastewater Market Leader

Matthew Mudge, P.G.

Pulp and Paper Market Leader

Nathan Scarbrough, P.E.

Industrial Market Leader

Tyler Smith

Industrial Process & Compliance
Market Leader

Katherine Amidon

Local & Regional Government Market Leader

Group Leaders

Christopher J. Suttell, P.G.

Sciences Program Manager

Howard Frank, P.G.

Site Assessment Program Manager

Heather H. Smith

Natural Sciences Program Manager

Rich Mogensen

Ecological Restoration Program Manager

Charles S. Bishop, P.E.

Geotechnical/Dam Design Leader

Pete Scott

Editorial and Creative Group Leader

Rhonda Barber Isham

Business Services Coordinator

Richard Jacobs

Field Services Program Manager

Kathy Garvin

Quality and Resources Coordinator

Karen Rose

Compliance and Permitting Group Leader

Interested in joining our team?

Named one of the Best Places to Work in South Carolina for five consecutive years, SynTerra has a work environment that is fun, flexible, and world-class. SynTerra also offers: competitive compensation; comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage; 401(k) and an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP); and paid vacation and sick time. Learn more about what it’s like to work at SynTerra and what positions are currently available.