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Why I started Trivia Night, a monthly escape for SynTerrians

By Adam Feigl (Posted July 25, 2019):

Once a month, Trivia Night brings SynTerra employees out of the Greenville office and up Chicora Alley. Food, drink, and frivolity rule the evening. Occasionally, there’s a useless prize for the champions, but bragging rights are always coveted most.

Trivia has been around for a long, long time. I remember playing Trivial Pursuit with my extended family around the holidays every year. I remember watching lots of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune as a kid. It felt like Alex Trebek, Vanna White, and Pat Sajak were close relatives. When friends and family got together, there were elements of trivia in all kinds of activities, including board games, social gatherings, a game of HORSE or horseshoes, and even bowling. An obscure fact could pop up at any time.

As I grow older, I keep the tradition alive as much as I can within the family. But what about those I work with on a daily basis? They are my family too; my work family.

It is essential to keep a positive attitude in a world of deadlines and commitments. As a society, we can easily get caught up in our day-to-day responsibilities. We ignore our inner need to unwind, and we miss out on opportunities to get to know one another. Though this may not be for everyone and some folks may be too busy in their personal life to join in on the fun, many of us would love the opportunity to bond with our co-workers. That is why I started Trivia Night.

Once a month, I host a Trivia Night gathering at Chicora Alley for SynTerra employees from the Greenville, South Carolina, office. The teams are split into groups of 4-5 people. These teams are drawn at random, so you never know who you will sit next to. Spouses and friends are always welcome! There are a wide variety of trivia questions, from geography to Game of Thrones and history to Harry Potter. Points are given and then doubled in the second round, leading to a final question that inevitably reveals our monthly champion team.

Trivia Night is only one way to bring people together. Other SynTerrians have led group Bingo Nights, food drives, 5K runs and walks, mountain biking and hiking adventures, community cleanups, jam band get-togethers, and picnics in the park. It is important to always remember to keep morale high when working together. For when times get stressful, you are going to need your co-workers to help you get through the deadlines and commitments with their professional assistance, enduring support, and infectious positivity.

Adam Feigl leads the SynTerra Graphics Management Team.