Put SynTerra on your team and make regulatory compliance easy. If you need help meeting the upcoming report deadlines, or with other environmental compliance concerns, contact us today.

Some regulatory and compliance deadlines our experts are prepared to help you with are:

Dust Hazard Analysis
> September 7, 2020

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 652 — the Standard on Fundamentals of Combustible Dust — provides guidelines related to combustible dust flash fire and explosion hazards. The NFPA committee mandated that a dust hazard analysis (DHA) be conducted and that corrective action be implemented over three years. The implementation grace period will end on September 7, 2020.

For assistance, contact Tyler Smith by calling 703.675.3220 or email him.

AWIA Risk Assessment Deadline
> Multiple deadlines

The SynTerra team has experience preparing the EPA-required Risk & Resilience Assessments (RRA) and Emergency Response Plans (ERP), and we are very familiar with the associated American Water Works Association (AWWA) J100 standards. If you need assistance with navigating the EPA regulations and meeting the deadlines we have staff members who are certified by the AWWA Utility Risk and Resilience Certificate Program who can assist.

Risk Assessment Deadlines:
(By population served)

50,000-99,999: December 31, 2020

ERP Deadline:
Certify ERP no later than 6 months after completion of the RRA.

For assistance contact Chris Ericksen at 864.921.9350 or send him an email.