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Water & Wastewater Engineering

From planning to design to operation, SynTerra has the expertise clients seek.

Water is the lifeblood of this planet, so it is imperative that we act as stewards of a safe and reliable water supply. SynTerra helps clients meet this objective in an economical manner, while also helping them stay in compliance with laws, regulations, and good industry practices. The SynTerra team has experience in virtually every aspect of a water or wastewater utility, from planning to design to operation.

Our team of professionals has experience offering the following services (not all-inclusive):


Successful operation of a water or wastewater system begins with establishing the right foundation. SynTerra has successfully assisted clients with planning services that are critical to providing great value to a utility’s customers while staying in regulatory compliance and preparing for the future.

SynTerra planning capabilities include:

  • Master planning
  • Engineering reports
  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Feasibility studies
  • GIS / Mapping
  • Basin studies


In order to provide high-quality service at a great value, utilities must optimize system design. SynTerra works with clients to evaluate design alternatives and make decisions based on sound engineering practice in accordance with local regulations. In addition, SynTerra focuses on total cost of ownership rather than on selecting the least expensive option. This provides greater value for both a utility and its customers.

SynTerra design capabilities include:

  • Treatment facilities
  • Water transmission & distribution systems
  • Gravity sewers
  • Metering solutions
  • Instrumentation & control
  • Pump stations
  • Storage tanks
  • Sewer force mains
  • Residuals handling
  • Alternative treatments


Efficient permitting is a critical part of operating any utility. SynTerra works with clients throughout this process to make it as painless as possible. SynTerra has a long history of success in applying for and securing a variety of permits for clients. Perhaps our most valuable attribute is our ability to effectively negotiate with regulators on behalf of our clients, thus saving time and money.

SynTerra permitting capabilities include:

  • Air quality
  • Inter-basin transfer
  • Stormwater (including SWPPP and SPCC plans)
  • Construction
  • Surface water withdrawal
  • Wetlands

Bidding assistance and construction administration

SynTerra provides the full range of Bidding Assistance and Construction Administration services that is customary for typical water and wastewater projects. Our relationships with our clients and other partners help us make this process as smooth as possible. This allows our clients to focus on meeting their objectives and operating their systems. In addition, SynTerra is able to provide full-time site representatives in order to better protect the interests of a project owner and design intent. Most importantly, it helps protect the interests of a utility’s customers.

Operations and maintenance (O&M)

Our services do not end with project completion and closeout. SynTerra continues to work with clients to assist them in effective and efficient operations. Because O&M costs are significant, it is important to focus on optimizing operations.

SynTerra O&M capabilities include:

  • Standard operating procedures
  • Process optimization
  • Permit renewals
  • Regulatory negotiations
  • O&M manual development
  • Energy audits & optimization
  • Taste & odor control
  • Plant control strategies and systems

Business services

Because it is vitally important for a utility to provide a high level of product and service at a good value, sound business practices must be a core component of a utility’s culture. Water and wastewater systems should not only be good stewards of the environment, but also of their customers’ financial resources. SynTerra is able to assist in developing this type of financial stewardship.

SynTerra business consulting capabilities include:

  • Rate studies and development
  • Budget review and preparation
  • Litigation support
  • General business advice and planning
  • Capacity fee studies and development
  • Short- and long-term financial planning
  • Funding assistance
  • Community relations

Miscellaneous services

SynTerra is here to serve our clients and help them meet their objectives. While the services highlighted above are our core services offered to the water and wastewater industry, we offer additional environmental engineering and science services that may be beneficial to a water or wastewater utility.

Other SynTerra capabilities include:

  • Environmental site assessments
  • Hazardous material handling
  • Site remediation
  • Industrial hygiene studies
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Lead and asbestos inspections
  • Environmental risk assessments
  • Groundwater modeling and monitoring
  • Civil engineering
  • Solid waste engineering