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Building a rain garden

Creating a rain garden allows excess stormwater to filter back down to a groundwater reserve instead of causing erosion and flooding above ground. You can also have a beautiful backyard showpiece.

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Returning to the Water Cycle

Environmental issues, including threats to our global water supply, are gaining a foothold in curricula and community outreach. The water cycle, finally, is becoming a continuous part of education.

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Repurposing former mining sites

Appalachia has large tracts of land previously used for mountaintop mining. Most of that land is unused, but SynTerra and others are exploring potential benefits of farming solar energy there.

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SynTerra now has 2 offices in Kentucky

SynTerra Corporation and ECSI, LLC, have become one science and engineering consulting firm operating as SynTerra. Company officials call the transaction a unification of client-focused firms.

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Concrete mixed with wood

A downtown Greenville parking lot takes center stage as the the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities, SynTerra, and others test an innovation that mixes concrete with wood-based cellulose nanoparticles.

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GIS and the Coffee Cup

Adam Feigl, leader of the Graphics Management team at SynTerra, likes food and drink analogies. Read about the coffee cup analogy that he has used for years when friends and family members ask about his work.

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