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Global reforestation plan

Amid an initiative to add 1 trillion trees, SynTerra board member Carlton Owen examines the importance of forests to our climate and economy.

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SynTerra Safety

Hazardous chemicals and related dangers exist all around us and are part of daily life. Basic knowledge of chemicals and safety precautions is valuable in the workplace and home.

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Extended reach and expertise

SynTerra has combined operations with a pair of Tuscaloosa, Alabama-based surveying companies — Brian Foster & Associates and Herring Surveying & Mapping.

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Honor for SynTerra engineer

Dr. Al Campoli, SynTerra’s Geotechnical Engineering Group Leader, is the 2019 recipient of the Syd S. and Felicia F. Peng Ground Control in Mining Award.

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An important mission

For 50 years, the Carolinas Air Pollution Control Association (CAPCA) has been advancing the cause of clean air through any and all lawful avenues and opportunities available.

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SynTerra VP on CAPCA board

Ruth Albright, Vice President of Engineering at SynTerra Corp., has been elected to the Carolinas Air Pollution Control Association Board of Directors for 2020.

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SynTerra Drone Exhibition

Attendees focused on our licensed drone pilots as they discussed savings, efficiency, and safety. Then all eyes shifted to the sky above Pikeville, KY, as our state-of-the-art drone took flight.

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When ‘helping’ hurts

An unexpected visitor in SynTerra Market Leader Katherine Amidon’s chimney inspired her to research what you should do after finding an unattended and injured animal.

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