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Engineer-business executive Steve Precourt is SynTerra’s third president
in 27 years.

Posted August 17, 2020

Steve Precourt, SynTerra President

Steve Precourt joins SynTerra as president, bringing a history of success as an engineer and business executive.

SynTerra Corp., a science and engineering firm with offices throughout the Southeast, announced today that Steve Precourt is the company’s third president in 27 years. Precourt — an accomplished Professional Engineer, business executive, and former Florida lawmaker — succeeds Professional Geologist Mark Taylor, who served as SynTerra’s president since 2006.

The change in leadership comes amid exponential growth. SynTerra had 51 employees and one office in early 2016; today, the firm has about 180 employees and eight offices in five states.

Taylor, who has been at SynTerra 23 years, emphasized that Precourt’s business acumen is ideally suited for a growing company. “Until recently, I didn’t prescribe to the cliché about ‘working on your business,’ as opposed to ‘working in your business.’ Now I get it,” Taylor said. “Through exemplary technical and creative work, we helped clients succeed — and we grew, fast. But I think, as practitioners, we had gotten this thing as far down the road as we could, and it was time to bring in someone with the organizational skills to get us to the next level.”

Amid a national search, Precourt emerged as the SynTerra board’s top candidate. “I was honored that SynTerra expressed its trust in me to join this amazing organization,” Precourt said. “After serving in several transitional roles, I wanted to again be part of a long-term effort. SynTerra’s commitment to client success really struck me, and I was equally impressed with the company’s commitment to staff, communities, and the environment.”

Precourt, who has practiced as a Professional Engineer in Florida for 23 of the past 31 years, is experienced at navigating the challenges of growth. Through a variety of leadership roles, he helped Dyer, Riddle, Mills & Precourt grow to more than 500 employees and national prominence. He left the firm after 20 years to begin an eight-year stint with the Florida legislature. After returning to consulting in 2014, Precourt served as CEO or managing principal while helping three companies through transitional periods.

Precourt has received numerous honors and accolades for public and private service. He was the GOP Florida House Majority Leader in 2012-2013. In 2018, while serving as CEO of Florida-based KPM Franklin, he received the Governor A.W. Gilchrist Award, presented annually to recognize an engineer for public service, helping mankind, and bringing honor to the engineering profession.

Founded in 1993, SynTerra is employee‐owned. SynTerra engineers, geologists, scientists, and surveyors help clients meet business objectives and address technical challenges. Clients include manufacturers, mining operations, utilities, pulp and paper companies, developers, and government agencies. Capabilities include environmental consulting, water and wastewater design, civil engineering design, air and wetlands permitting, surveying and drone applications, and more. Headquartered in Greenville, SC, SynTerra also has offices in Birmingham, AL, Charlotte, NC, Hendersonville, NC, Lexington, KY, Pikeville, KY, Tampa, FL, and Tuscaloosa, AL. Learn more about SynTerra at www.synterracorp.com.

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