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SynTerra office update

SynTerra, formerly ECSI, moves to a new Lexington location.

Posted May 18, 2020

LEXINGTON, Kentucky — SynTerra Corp., a science and engineering consulting firm with clients throughout the Southeast, has relocated its two Lexington operations to one complex at 1409 North Forbes Road.

The company’s Lexington office was located for 26 years at 340 South Broadway before the recent move. The firm was known as ECSI, LLC, for 25 of those years, before combining operations with SynTerra in January 2019. SynTerra also moved its geotechnical engineering office to the North Forbes Road complex. The geotech engineering office, located for 30 years on Over Drive, was a Bowser-Morner facility until also becoming part of SynTerra in January 2019.

“Consolidating our operations in one location enables us to reduce costs and increase efficiencies,” said Steve Gardner, SynTerra Vice President of Special Projects. “Bringing our talents and assets together in one location makes us better situated to help clients. At the same time, this complex allows us room for continued growth.”

The scientists, engineers, geologists, and surveyors of SynTerra work for clients that include site developers, quarry and mining operations, pulp and paper companies, industrial facilities, utilities, government agencies, and construction companies. In addition to Lexington, SynTerra has offices in Pikeville, Kentucky; Greenville, South Carolina; Charlotte, North Carolina; Birmingham, Alabama; Tuscaloosa, Alabama; and Tampa, Florida. The firm has about 200 employees.

For more information about SynTerra, contact Steve Gardner, P.E. and SME-RM, at jsgardner@synterracorp.com or (859) 233-2103, ext. 103.