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Environmental Restoration for the Clean Water Act

SynTerra acted quickly to design and implement an agency required stream restoration project in support of a redevelopment permit application.

Objective: Obtain a Clean Water Act permit for stream restoration on an existing industrial site.  

Summary: The Kiwi Creek stream restoration project is located in Concord, North Carolina right off Highway 49 at the new Mateenbar Facility. The project involved taking a perennial stream out of a culvert for over 200 linear feet (LF) and restoring the stream using natural channel design concepts developed at NC State University. The stream had been previously placed in a culvert pipe without required permits by a previous landowner. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) required the 200-LF of pipe to be removed and stream restored before the site could be redeveloped for MateenBar’s new redeveloped facility. Construction of the stream restoration project was initiated in June 2020 and finished in the fall of 2020. The stream restoration was accepted as successful by the Corps who then issued the necessary permits and Preliminary Jurisdictional Determination.

Results: The project involved daylighting over 200 linear feet of pipe, a perennial tributary to Coddle Creek, a drinking water reservoir for the City of Concord, NC. The project was designed in March 2020 and installation was completed in July 2020. The project was completed on time and within budget. SynTerra experts were able to adjust as needed in order to complete this project with the ideal results.

Services provided by SynTerra:

  • Stream & Wetland Consulting
  • Civil Engineering Site Design
  • Storm Water Management and Erosion Control Design and Permitting

For assistance with stream & wetland consulting, civil engineering, stormwater design, and permitting contact Rich Mogensen or Dan Warrick.