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Leadership program

SynTerra toxicologist, Kaleigh Sims recently completed the 10-month Leadership Anderson program. Part of the program was creating and implementing a project the whole community will benefit from, a mural in downtown Anderson. The mural is painted by an artist from Anderson, Herman A. Keith JR., and captures part of the areas history.

Press release

SynTerra is pleased to announce that its new president is Steve Precourt, an accomplished Professional Engineer, business executive, and former Florida lawmaker. Precourt succeeds Mark Taylor, who served as SynTerra president since 2006. Taylor will remain at SynTerra to assist in the transition of leadership and to complete several projects.

Professional Engineers Day

The National Society of Professional Engineers celebrates the work of Professional Engineers all around the world. SynTerra joins in on the appreciation for our P.E.’s and their commitment to serving our community. Throughout Steve Gardner’s years, there have been many lessons, and he would like to share some of them for the benefit of those entering the Professional Engineer field.

SynTerra safety

August is Eye Health and Protection Month, and SynTerra is doing its part by raising awareness about the use of protective eyewear in the workplace and at home, the different types of hazards to the eyes, and the importance of regular eye exams.