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SynTerra welcomes a new president

SynTerra welcomes a new president News & Events Business executive Travis Waters is SynTerra’s new president. Posted July 14, 2022   GREENVILLE, SC — SynTerra Corp., a science and engineering consulting firm, announced today that Travis Waters is the...

Work with PFAS

SynTerra engineers and scientists are currently working on several significant PFAS projects in North and South Carolina. Our hydrogeologists, water treatment engineers, permitting specialists, chemists, and modelers are contributing to the assessment and remediation of PFAS in site media. Several of our staff have recently been invited to give presentations to industry groups regarding our work and knowledge in dealing with PFAS contaminants.

SynTerra expertise

Read a follow-up to Katherine Amidon’s Kentucky Chamber of Commerce presentation about measuring a company’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Learn about navigating the many formats for reporting GHG emissions, and get useful information about setting goals after establishing an initial footprint.

SynTerra expertise

SynTerra was invited to present at the NC Office of State Human Resources, Hazard Prevention Network quarterly Health and Safety Meeting. The group consisted of state health and safety professionals from various state entities.

SynTerra advocacy

Steve Gardner and Karen Roberts Prater of SynTerra presented at three events in Harlan County, Kentucky. They were supporting a program that includes upgrades for the Portal 31 Exhibition Coal Mine, restoration of a historic miners’ bath house, and development of the Black Mountain observation platform.